Annual General Meeting & Networking Event 2020

AGM 2020

On Thursday 17 December 2020 the Annual General Meeting of Estonian Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held at the Sydney Estonian House Main Hall. Thank you to all the members who were able to attend or be represented by a proxy.

In accordance with the constitution of EACCI, all Directors automatically retired at the Annual General Meeting and were eligible for re-election. Previous Directors - Marianna Jolla, Richard Kaljo, Virge Nielsen and Paul Semmel - were re-elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations Liisa Pobul and Kristi Barrow were elected unanimously as new Directors.

After the AGM, Priit Salumaa, the co-founder of a successful Estonian software development company Mooncascade and part of the Solaride team, connected with us online and spoke about the intricacies of building a solar car. 

Solaride is a non-profit student-run project that is focusing on transforming the transportation and renewable energy sectors in order to create a better future by supporting the goal of making solar power the mainstream. Solaride’s team consists of ambitious and talented students from Estonia’s top universities, who are mentored by the best Estonian engineers and experts in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.

Once they have built the car, they will take part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2021, racing alongside the world’s top universities in extreme conditions 3000 km through the Australian deserts.

See Solaride Presentation Here